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Development and production

MSS International

MSS International is specialized in designing, developing, engineering and producing sanitation products and concepts for toilets, urinals, wash basins and showers. Criteria concerning this development and production are:

  • Innovative
  • Focused on solutions
  • Creative, out of the box
  • Saving costs on numerous aspects and therefore value for money
  • Applicability
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Company Social Responsible (CSR)
  • Sustainability
  • Tailor made solutions

CSR is a high priority in our company. We use 100% recyclable materials, are well aware of the environment and with your use of our products we know that you are automatically aware of that same environment on numerous aspects : water, waste, transport, labor, time and effort. POP UP3 uses only 0,8 liters of water per flush, wash basins have direct stop taps, urinals do not need water at all and our showers come with water saving heads.

We have a well-equipped R&D department, where, in cooperation with input from you as our client, new products are developed. Within our company policy, we strive towards long term relationships with our clients as well as with our suppliers.

Special projects

MSS International is an outstanding partner when you are in need for a sanitary solution, small or big. Whether it concerns proven products like the POP UP3, UReo, ReFresh or Showers. We develop solutions not only for festivals and events, but also for e.g. humanitarian aid. When you are in need of temporary sanitary solutions for refugees camps, visitors to a concert, campers at a festival or your staff during a major rebuilding, we have, or design and create, your solution!

MSS International has the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your specific requirements that come with these kind of projects. We continuously explore relevant innovations and techniques in order to improve ourselves. With our long term experience in developing and building product ranges, we are convinced that we will meet, or even exceed, your project requirements.

With our experience, you’ll never start from scratch.

add innovation to your program