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Environmental savings

Corporate Social Responsibility

The environmental choice!

When designing our products we always have a very strong focus on the environment. POP UP3 uses 0,8 liters of water per flush, compared to 6 – 8 litres in a traditional water flushing system. ReFresh only uses water when you press the tap, UReo don’t use water at all and our Showers with water saving heads use only 4 liters of water per minute. Savings that yield higher quality and lower costs.

90% less water and waste water on the POP UP3

During the first 3 events, POP UP3 saved 4.000 m3. That is equivalent to the average water use of 23 households.

Saving in transport, labor and environment

All our products save lots of mileage and transport costs, CO2 emission and labor costs. Less trucks on the festival area, therefore less chance on destroying the grounds. Less people on the grounds, therefore less chances for unwanted occurrences.

The POP UP3 unit contains three separate toilets. These elements are collapsible with an innovative method, resulting in an easily transportable package. As these can be stacked, a single truck can transport 99 toilets. This is at least three times as many compared to traditional mobile toilet units, even four times as much compared to chemical toilets. The UReo as well as the ReFresh can be dismantled into small, easy to handle individual parts (2 side supports, 1 double urinal or wash basin and 1 privacy separation screen for the UReo. The Showers consist of a shower tray with 3 single, easy to handle panels, a curtain or door (optional) and are placed inside tents for coverage and privacy. Setting up (and breaking down) of all these products is a piece of cake and takes just a few effortlessly minutes.

Saving 70% of all transport is not only a good thing for the environment. Another great advantage is that your mobile toilets can arrive at the intended location three times as fast. Even in areas that are difficult to reach, because the compact system can be transported so easily. This is crucial in emergencies, but also very convenient in other cases. Lean and mean logistics will be achieved automatically, because POP UP3’s plus one or two transportation racks with UReo’s and ReFreshes can be stacked on one truck.

You can’t go greener!

Water, waste water, transport, labor, environment, mileage, time, you can’t go greener! And last but not least, all materials used in the POP UP3, UReo and ReFresh are 100% recyclable.

“Go create the solutions for a sustainable tomorrow and have fun doing it”

“Wubbo Ockels [ Dutch astronaut ]”

ADD GREEN to your program