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Refresh Wash Basin

Innovative modular wash basin

Advantages and features ReFresh

  • Innovative modular, double sided wash basin with 8 water taps per unit
  • Only using water when tap is pressed
  • Suitable for washing as well as drinking (depending on the quality of the water)
  • Low transportation costs
  • Small surface is needed
  • Flexible layout
  • Suitable for any size event/happening
  • Quick and easy setup, connection & cleanup
  • Available in any color

Direct stop water taps = low water consumption

A ReFresh wash basin comes standard with 8 direct stop taps. If you push the tap, water flows, if you release the tap, water stops immediately. This saves a lot of water (and waste water). Optionally deliverable with other taps.

Quick and easy set-up and transportation

ReFresh wash basins can be set up in no time, as well as breaking down. One unit contains of 1 wash basin each with 8 taps, mounted on 2 clickable, solid side supports. ReFresh wash basin can be mounted in rows. In this case you click the second wash basin onto the side of the first unit, and so on.

A special transportation rack for 20 complete units is optional. The content of the rack can also be combined with UReo urinals, offering you the best protection for your equipment in combination with the upmost flexibility in packing for transport.

ADD FRESHNESS to your program