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Modular shower system

Advantages and features ReBoost shower system

  • Innovative modular shower system
  • Inner space is 100 x 120 cm
  • Complete with door
  • 1 Set is 24 ReBoost showers + 1 propane heater, complete with all additional material
  • Environmentally friendly by low water consumption (4,5 liters per minute)
  • Flexible layout and quantities of the ReBoost showers
  • High capacity on a small surface
  • Quick and easy setup, connection & cleanup
  • Easy entrance control
  • Low transportation costs (72 ReBoost showers + heaters on 1 artic trailer)
  • Warm water supply by propane heaters
  • Thermic disinfection legionella
  • Options: clothing hooks, range of shower heads, and many more

For large events (up to 100,000 visitors) and locations where logistics are not quite as easy, we have developed a unique modular shower system. The ReBoost is modular system offers quick and easy set up and breaking down, plus an economical transport. Can be used at open air events, in tent complexes, existing buildings such as sport halls, trade fair halls, and so on. In this way the we can perfectly provide for a temporary and large requirement for good shower facilities on large festival camp sites, asylum seekers centers, refugee camps, disaster relief sites, temporary housing, and many more.

Quick & easy set-up with lots of layout options

The tented showers can be assembled in every desired layout and quantity. The showers are fitted with water saving shower heads and provide visitors with hot water 24 hours a day. If needed it is possible to provide the showers with an extra changing area in order to guarantee the user extra privacy.

Our ReBoost showers combine perfectly with our modular toilet, urinals and washing systems. Often, this combination is used to set up complete bathing houses in order to offer as complete a program as possible. We would be happy to give you detailed information about the wide range of possibilities and combinations.

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