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Ureo Urinal

Innovative modular urinal

Advantages and features UReo

  • Innovative modular 8 persons urinal for high capacity
  • Environmentally friendly. No water needed
  • Short turnaround time: creates faster movement and less waiting lines
  • Small amount of space is needed
  • Extendable in rows
  • Low transportation costs
  • Quick and easy setup, connection & cleanup
  • Available in any color

UReo urinals offers the latest innovation in urinals for 8 persons usage at the same time. The light weighted and reliable system comes with 1 double sided urinal and 2 solid side supports and a privacy separation screen. Optionally this screen can be printed in any design (e.g. sponsors, festival logo).

Quick and easy set-up and transportation

UReo urinals can be set up in no time and the break down time is equally low. UReo’s can also be set up in rows. In that case you click the second UReo onto the side of the first unit, and so on.

A special transportation rack for 20 complete units is optional. With this rack, you save a lot of transportation space and your units are well protected during transport. The content of the rack can also be combined with ReFresh wash basins, offering you the best protection for your equipment in combination with the upmost flexibility in packing for transport.

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