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MSS International provides the ideal solution for every place on the planet where temporary sanitation is needed. And because of the very low water consumption, more water can be used for other applications like drinking and cooking water or water for showering (perfectly to combine with our innovative, water saving Shower system).

Our wide range of products can be deployed for:

  • Humanitarian aid (refugee and asylum seeker camps and disaster relief sites)
  • Military missions (for military persons as well as for civilians)
  • Building sites (rebuilding and renovation projects)
  • Music festivals / events (large or small)
  • Meetings at unusual (outside) locations
  • Fairs and fair buildings
  • Extra capacity for stadiums or sport centers
  • And many moreā€¦

MSS International offers countless possibilities and combined with more than 25 years of rental experience in mobile sanitary, we are happy to investigate new opportunities and possibilities with you. With always one focus: creating that sanitary solution that will meet your goal! Using research, development, engineering and production.

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